About Gobs and Gods

  • Game name: “Gobs and Gods”
  • Steam page
  • Release date: May 2024. Windows, Linux, MacOs.
  • Demo availability: 22 january to April 2024. Windows only.
  • Language: English.
  • Expected price: around 10€
  • Authors: Alexandre Gilotte, Thierry Gilotte

a few goblins

Short description

“The tactical RPG going full Goblin mode!” Hire a band of almost-heroic goblins to fight and die for you in tactical turn-based battles, accomplish silly quests for the weird inhabitants of this fantastic world, and truly become a god - at least by goblin standards.

Game overview: a Pythonesque Tactical RPG

At its core, Gobs & Gods has all the traits of a classical tactical RPG: an open 2D world to explore, a squad of goblins to hire, train and level-up, quests for NPCs, and fights on tactical hexagonal grids. But here’s the twist: the characters are Goblins. Squeeky, puny, stupid, sometimes incontinent or coquettish goblins. And the player is their God.

Therefore, the player is invited to wander in a half-satirical and Monty Pythonesque universe, brought to life by a comic book-style aesthetic. Quests are the opportunity for memorably absurd dialogues with the local Goblin NPCs.

The colourful character traits of the player’s Goblins will have funny effects in combat: Beware of the exibitionist Gob, who may randomly drop his armor mid fight! Special pieces of equipment can also be stumbled into, like the holy Toilet Plunger, or the mighty Sausage Gun. And, of course, Goblins are frail and die easily. No problem, they are meant to be expendable: The player is their God, so any death of one of their followers earns them experience points.


  • Turn-based combats may be switched to real-time mode, for faster resolution.
  • For better replayability, the whole 2D world is generated randomly at the start of a game, with only the prewritten main quest as a guiding thread… which the player is free to follow or to ignore entirely!
  • Every artwork, every animation is homemade, in a DIY state of mind.


About us

We are two brothers working on Gobs and Gods:

  • Alexandre Gilotte has paused a career in the tech industry to handle the development of Gobs.
  • Thierry Gilotte has a dual background in art and engineering and is taking care of all graphical aspects.

Technical stack

  • Gobs and Gods is made with Godot 3.5 , written in C#
  • it also uses the Ink library

Music Credits

Musics in Gobs and Gods have been composed and publicly released by Scott Buckley under CC-BY 4.0. licence. If you make a video of our game, please either:

  • Disable the music (with the button in the bottom right corner of the first screen)
  • Or include the credit: “Music by Scott Buckley – released under-CC-BY 4.0.”