One dev, one artist, and so many Gobs ...

What could go wrong?

“Gobs and Gods” is an independent game, frantically developed by two brothers: one developer, one artist.

Our focus: Creating the game we wish to play.

We love tactical-rpg games, but were tired of saving the world once again.

So we are maintaining a fun and somewhat absurd vibe in the worldbuilding, which serious companies would simply not dare to embrace. We also take great care in crafting a unique and challenging gameplay. And we approach this aspect with utmost seriousness.

incontinent gob cannot wear armor In which other game have you ever had to deal with this??

This means we aim to offer:

  • Rich tactical battles with challenging decisions
  • A wide diversity of quests, formidable enemies, wondrous locations to visit, mysterious items, and intriguing characters. Along with humorous, zany Monty Python-esque ideas that we hope will bring a smile to your face.”

It’s also worth noting that the offbeat tone of our world allows for some interesting gameplay improvements, such as colorful quirks in the goblins you hire or the fact that you gain experience when experiencing defeat, encouraging you to resist the urge to reload your game.

Of course, since there are only two of us working on this game, we’ve had to take a few shortcuts. For instance, don’t expect intricate 3D animations; our game is strictly 2D with minimalist cartoonish animations.

some gob. Hands are not drawn.No, this Gob has no hands. Correctly drawing the hands of the different races on top of the weapons was just too much of a headache.

We also know nothing about Marketing. We are even terrified by it. Marketing… how do you kill that thing?!

So, if you’d like to reshare our posts and wishlist our game, please do! Your support will help us dedicate more time to the game.