Unleash Your Godly Might

In Gobs and Gods, you hire a bunch of goblins to fight for you as you explore the world. These goblins will gain xp when they survive a battle, increasing their strength, unlocking new skills, and enabling you to deal with stronger enemies…

entering a battle vs slugs What about these ennemies? Only two of them, can it go wrong?

… until most of your army gets wiped out in a tricky battle.

end battle screen. Oops! One single survivor. But still a victory, isn’t it?

Time to reload your last save? Not necessarly! Remember: You are a god. They were only expandable gobs.

In Gobs and Gods, we aim to strike the perfect balance between challenging battles and player-friendly mechanics, ensuring that a defeat won’t shatter your gaming experience. Following a significant loss, new goblins will spontaneously rally to your cause, joining your party without cost, particularly when your ranks have been decimated. The game keeps track of the level and count of your fallen gobs, tailoring these events to help you recover reasonably swiftly.

But that’s not all! As a deity, you accumulate ‘godly experience’ points when your goblins meet their demise, with higher-level goblins yielding greater rewards. These points allow you to unlock new perks to bolster your future goblin recruits, making them tougher and stronger (though perhaps not any wiser). You can also spend these points to acquire divine spells, granting you the ability to cast powerful incantations directly in the heat of battle.

So we hope that you’ll embrace the challenge without resorting to constant save scumming!