Goblins of character

In Gobs and Gods, each Goblin you hire is unique, with its own stats, skills, and archetype. Additionally, they possess two traits that define their character. Of course, these are Goblins traits, so you should not expect to find boring traits like heroic or reliable. Instead, examples of goblin traits include Greedy, Chicken Hearted, Unstylish, or also Monomaniac, Incontinent … Obviously, all of these are defects, but most will be accompanied by a small hidden bonus. Making the best of your goblins despite themselves will be part of the fun!

greedy goblin refusing to let down his precious helmet

Here Gobibet is Greedy and Werewolf Poser. Greedy means that he will categorically refuse to let down his equipement, unless you replace it with a higher level item. Think twice before equiping him with your best weapon!