Fast turn-based combats

When encountering enemies, you will engage in turn-based combat on a 2D hexagonal map. Each of your gobs will have a limited pool of action points to spend each round, allowing them to move, flee, or punch the (other) bad guy where it hurts. Additionally, they will possess “essence” points, which can be utilized for special moves or powerful attacks. However, replenishing these essence points can be costly, so it’s advisable to use them sparingly.

gobs and gods tactical fight screenshot

This turn-based setting will test your tactical skills if you wish to avoid losing too many gobs. And if you make a mistake … just remember, well they are only gobs!

Fast ennemies turn

While turn base games are our personal favorite for the tactical challenge they can offer, they often suffer from long downtime in large battles when you have to wait for an ennemy to play … and the next one …and the next next one … and so on … .

Well, this won’t happen in Gobs and Gods. Indeed , all the ennemies play simultaneously during the AI turn, making sure that you spend your time focusing on your next move and not on waiting for an opponent to finish its sloowww animation.

Real time running to shorten cheesy fights

Sometimes, when you attack a significantly weaker opponent, there is less challenge, and your main goal is to win quickly. In such cases, you can activate the real-time mode. This mode allows both your characters and the enemies to move simultaneously, resulting in a swift conclusion to the battle within a matter of seconds.

a really cheesy fight, fighting actual cheeses These opponents may look cheesy, but don’t be fooled, they are dangerous. It may not be the best time to use the real time option!