Exploring the world

Welcome to the land of Goblins!

In Gob and Gods, you will enter a world inhabited by goblins, not to mention the other even less commendable creatures. Goblins are sneaky, unpredictable, green and smelly. But on the bright side, these goblins believe you are a kind of god. Some are ready to follow you and die at your command. Maybe they can help you to find the way out of this hopeless world?

A Tactical RPG

You will explore the world and uncover its secrets, visiting goblin villages, dark forests, crumbly dungeons, … During your exploration, you will hire a bunch of Goblins followers who will help you fight your way through the map and hopefully survive long enough to level up.

gobs and gods world screenshot

You will also discover hidden treasures to equip your goblins, and learn powerfull spells which will enable you to act directly in the battles.

Goblin quests

Some inhabitants will propose you with various quests. Embarking on these quests is an excellent method to acquire resources, gain experience, and unravel the mysteries of this world. However, it’s worth noting that goblin quests can occasionally be quite peculiar in nature!

what is my quest

Maybe. When dealing with goblins, Always be prepared for anything.